Download WHITECLAM'2021 -Final Programme


WHITECLAM'2021 has been focused on the latest developments in research, monitoring, and assessment of shellfish resources in Black Sea, including following main topics:

  1. Black Sea Marine biodiversity
  2. Commercial Marine Living Resources
  3. Shellfish abundance
  4. Marine Aquaculture and Maritime Spatial Planning
  5. Climate Change Impact on Marine Environment
  6. Hydrochemistry
  7. Numerical Modelling & GIS Tools

Special attention has benn paid on the research, assessment of the abundance, and suggestion of measures for sustainable use of the resources of Bivalvia clams in the Black Sea.


Project № BG14MFOP001-6.003-0004,  "Research of sand white clams and new management proposals (WHITECLAM)", funded by the Maritime and Fisheries Program 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Union through the European Maritime Fund for fisheries, Grant administrative contract №MDR-IP-01-34/25.03.2019.



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